Dreaming of Gardens

Friday, January 15th, 2010


I’d like to end the week with photos of a particular project that has me dreaming of spring and building my garden.  I’ve been collecting inspiring imagery as I begin to design some garden space on the property that my husband and I own in the foothills outside of Boulder.  We have two acres, most of it sloping, and though we have a very sunny site we sit at 6,500 feet, which is limiting when it comes to plant palettes.  We also have an abundance of wildlife to contend with.

I’ve been working on concepts that are architectural yet xeric, an extension of the language of our house, and am sold on creating a series of terraced gardens combined with steel planters and large slab stone…somehow.  I also want to build a vegetable garden, a small fruit orchard, and fields of lavender…oh – and maybe some grape vines.

The January/February issue of Garden Design features a project by Suzanne Biaggi and Patrick Pickard entitled “Future Feast in the Garden of Flow / Accumulation,” part of a larger installation at the Late Show Gardens.  Enjoy!





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  1. Theresa Gray says:

    Hi Keira!

    Love this! This little warm spell has definitely put me in the gardening mood as well.

    My husband is a professional gardener and put in a huge garden last summer up in Boulder Canyon, most of it on a steep slope. Most of the plants were put in to be deer-proof and to do well at high altitude. He might be able to give you a tour in the spring if you’d like to get some ideas on good plantings for your garden.


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