Planter Fabrication at Tribble Stone

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

I am collaborating with Kristin Undhjem / KSLAcorp on landscape architecture and design (including exterior furnishings) for a 35 acre parcel overlooking Telluride, Colorado.  The home is magnificent, designed by CCY Architects out of Basalt, Colorado, a firm responsible for some of the best residential design in our state (in my humble opinion).


There is a tremendous amount of stonework associated with this project, including a basalt water table, a basalt fire-rock and a Colorado Buff sandstone planter, slab pavers, and stacked sandstone blocks.  We’re sourcing the Colorado Buff from Tribble Stone in Boulder, and the other day I had the pleasure of visiting the stone yard to inspect fabrication progress of the planter rock.


The geometry of the planter is pulled from the architecture and serves as a focal point in the courtyard entry sequence leading to the home.  The planter dimensions are so large that we’ve had to fabricate two pieces that will be set with a crane.  The seams are very precisely located and align with joints in adjacent sandstone slab paving.  The stone has snapped exposed edges and a very cool bridge saw is used to score the area that gets hollowed-out.


The planter rock is one of three in a series of stone elements: table rock, water table, planter rock.  The table rock is also substantial in size (about 8′ x 6′ x 16 inches) and finding a stone this size has been quite a challenge.  Thanks to Eric Tribble for his persistence – he has several great options for us.


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