Beautiful Concrete: Concrete Revolution

Monday, November 30th, 2009


I am of the opinion that concrete is a beautiful material.  I’ve been particularly interested in decorative (sometimes referred to as “domestic”) concrete over the past few years, and try to use it as budgets allow for counters, fireplace surrounds and other interior details.  To be frank, I’d use it all over the place if I could!  Only steel comes before concrete on my list of all-time-favorite finish materials.


I love the monolithic nature of custom cast concrete sinks.  This seamless quality and depth of material are difficult to achieve using natural stone or a quartz product.  Also possible with concrete is a wrapping and sculptural quality, as seen below in the counter slab turned shower bench.


Simple fireplace boxes can be transformed into a feature design element using concrete to create a unique fireplace surround.  The possibilities are endless.



Concrete Revolution in Denver, Colorado is a source for interior concrete fabrication and installation that I highly recommend.   Please visit their website for inspiration and information!

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