Handmade for the Holidays

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

I always start off the holiday season with the best of intentions when it comes to making gifts for my loved ones.  Some earrings, a necklace or two, a few hand-knit scarves, no problem.  Until I look up and realize that Christmas is in a week and I haven’t even started on my gifts yet.  Out of necessity, I begin to modify my plans, simplify things, and look for items that allow that special handcrafted feel without requiring a week of very late nights to get everything done.

I suspect that I’m not alone in being overly ambitions, and felt a surge of joy when reading my favorite knitting blog today.  The Purl Bee has a posting titled “The Opulent Eleventh Hour Scarf.”  Rejoice!  Bulky yarn and big needles save the day.


Onto jewelry.  Carlentini Designs, owned by my good friend Catherine Pistone-Cooper, offers beautiful jewelry – still very much handmade, just not by me!  She works in semi-precious stones and hand-forged silver, and she takes custom orders.


And there is always the lovely customized vintage wood-type stationary made by Alli Bozeman of BirdDog Press…perfect for just about anyone.



And for something funky and unusual, I think these steel wire hangers for Tillandsias (a.k.a. “airplants”) are quite delightful, and in combination with a few airplants would make a gift I know that I (for one) would love.


One Response to “Handmade for the Holidays”

  1. Dee(Durbin) Jones says:

    You remain very artistically blessed. Not sure how I even came across this site but it is Keira as I always imagined you would be in the adult world. Please give my best to your Mom and Dad. Warmly, Dee