Haik Avanian’s ReKnit Project

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I heard a piece on NPR’s All Things Considered recently entitled “Mother, Son Create a New Life For That Old Sweater.”  The story featured the ReKnit Project by graphic designer Haik Avanian.  As with many things I hear about on NPR, I had to learn more.  What I discovered: ReKnit is nothing short of fantastic.

From Haik:

Reknit was launched as a small project to share a resourceful family tradition with the world, and to encourage my mom to partake in her hobby more often. The project is based around the idea of reclaiming yarn from old clothes, and reknitting that yarn into something new and useful.  It’s a really simple form of re-using/re-purposing that can be very fun.

Folks interested in participating in the project send an old sweater and $30 to Haik’s mom, who then unravels the old sweater and knits it into something new.  January’s project was a scarf, February featured fingerless gloves and March’s hat project sold out in a day, from what I heard (they limit orders to 30 per month, because, as Haik says, he only has one mom).  On the ballot for April are a laptop case, a baby jacket, socks, or sweatbands.

2 Responses to “Haik Avanian’s ReKnit Project”

  1. Amy Tremper says:

    What a great idea considering how expensive yarn can be. Wish I were in Colorado, I would make you knit with me every week!

  2. keira says:

    I would love that! Maybe someday we’ll pull that weekly craft and wine night together…I just signed up for a weaving class in April and will be pulling my loom out of storage soon, too!