Dining Room
Keira Ritter

Top 20 Under 40
The Future of High-Country Design

Meet the West’s next generation of talent. From Bozeman to Aspen, Steamboat to Santa Fe, these 20 young pros have a fresh perspective that’s changing the way we live. Think you love high-country design now? Just wait until you see what’s next.

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Keira Ritter
Keira Ritter Design Co.
Boulder, CO

Keira Ritter was raised in a home were the craft table was always well stocked. "The act of making things was part of my upbringing," she recalls. "I was only 10 years old when I understood that I wanted to be an architect." Years later, at the Rhode Island School of Design, Ritter studied architecture and fine art, a pairing that has informed her design approach ever since. "I love to offer services in architecture, interior design and furniture design because to me, it all falls beneath the design umbrella. You’re just using different palettes." These days, whether she’s designing a custom furniture piece or the interiors for an entire home, Ritter defines her inviting contemporary style as a unique blend of industrial and organic with a mountain-modern twist. "It’s one thing to have a beautiful sleek, stark space," she says, "but people also need to feel happy and rejuvenated there; to feel truly at home."

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Image 1: Dining Room by Ben Tremper

Image 2: Keira Ritter Portrait by Ben Tremper

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